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Youth Programs

“We need programs like the TLP because the need is just so great for young people out on the streets. They do so much to survive…It’s so important to have a place like that that people can go to and better themselves.”

Nketchi, youth client

“I owe a lot of things to the Center: I have a job, I have a car, I have a plan for what I am going to do tomorrow. Without the Center, I don’t think I’d be where I am today.”

Robbie, former youth client of the KT House

Medical and Mental Health

“I don’t think it should be overlooked that the people who give are the people who are making a huge difference in people’s lives.”

Michael, former client

“I’ve got a beautiful husband; I’ve got two beautiful kids. I never knew I wanted these things for myself, but I got them and now I can’t imagine my life without them. And it all started because of the Center.”

Locke, former client

“It’s scary to think that there are people that also don’t have health insurance or get kicked out of homes. We try to get people back on their feet to get going again and that certainly is my story…That only happened because there are people out there that are anonymous to me that made my treatment here possible.”

Rory, former client

Senior Services

“I’ve found my place – this is it – I feel like I belong here.”

Nancy, Triangle Square senior resident

“We don’t all have it made. We don’t all have homes of our own. Many of us come from backgrounds where we don’t have family support. There are many LGBT seniors that need help now.”

Pam Jones, Senior Services client

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